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Rerouted Flight Compensation – are you entitled to make a claim?

Rerouted Flight Compensation – are you entitled to make a claim?

If you have had an international leisure or business flight interrupted by some form of rerouting then you might be wondering if you are entitled to some form of financial compensation.

This may be particularly true is this disruption caused you to miss a flight connection or an important meeting, or it caused stress that took the shine off your holiday.

It could well be that you automatically qualify for compensation. And this applies even if the incident of rerouting happened on flights as long as six years ago.

What is meant by rerouting a flight?

There are two types of occasions when your travel plans may suffer as a result of what is known as “rerouting”.

One is if the flight you booked on – and therefore the flight number you have on your documentation – is changed by the airline. So, you arrive at the airport and check in to be told you have been moved on to a different flight. This may mean you don’t arrive at your destination at the same time as you had originally been told.

In effect, they could well have cancelled your flight for a variety of reasons and bumped on a different one. This is a common occurrence in the days of complex airline scheduling and pressures on profit margins.

The second type of rerouting is the one that would spring to mind for most people, when you are mid-flight and for some reason the plane gets diverted and has to approach your destination from a different way, adding to the time you are in the air. There are occasions too when the plane lands in an alternative airport, and you are transferred to your original destination by land-based transport. Or your flight is delayed by an unscheduled landing and take-off. Any of these disruptions to your air travel can create their own issues and are not what you “signed up for” when you bought your ticket.

Am I eligible to claim?

Your eligibility to claim compensation for a rerouted flight depends largely on how long the delay was in reaching your destination. If you arrive at the place named on your ticket three or more hours past the original timeslot, then you could qualify for financial compensation.

How much compensation can I claim for a rerouted international flight?

International travellers who reach their destinations later than agreed due to problems with a rerouted flight can apply for compensation on a sliding scale. The amount varies according to just how long that delay was, but also how far they were travelling.

The amount of compensation you receive for a rerouted flight depends on where your flight started and finished too, as countries within the European Union are subject to different laws on consumer rights in these situations. In some situations, EU law entitles travellers to seek compensation for rerouted flights which arrive two hours after the time of the original flight booking. If it is travel within the EU, your compensation could be up to £540, regardless of how much you paid for the ticket in the first place.

How do I go about seeking compensation for a re-routed flight?

Every airline has its own terms and conditions, though most adhere to the standards set by the International Air Transport Association. Check the booking documentation and your airline’s website for their policies and claims procedure for re-routed flights.

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